Monday, September 30, 2013

Internship Opportunity: art librarianship or visual resources curatorship:

Call for applications: 2014 ARLIS/NA Wolfgang M. Freitag Internship Award

Please share with current students and recent graduates of graduate programs in
library science, art history, architectural history, architecture, studio art or museum studies.

The Art Libraries Society of North America is now accepting applications for its annual Internship Award for 2014.

The ARLIS/NA Internship Award provides financial support for students preparing for a career in art librarianship or visual resources curatorship. The award grants $2,500.00 to the selected recipient to support a period of internship in an art library or visual resources collection.

The deadline for applications is October 31, 2013.

For detailed information about the award and application instructions please see the ARLIS/NA website:

Internship Description
Only one Wolfgang M. Freitag Internship is awarded per year. Once an award recipient has been selected, he or she will select an institution to act as host for the internship. This institution must be approved by the ARLIS/NA Wolfgang M. Freitag Internship Award Sub-Committee. ARLIS/NA is not responsible for matching candidates with a host institution, but will gladly assist with the process.

This Internship Award will be granted during 2014. The intern is required to work on site at their chosen host institution for a minimum of 150 hours. The intern will choose to initiate their internship in the Spring, Summer or Fall of 2014. The internship must begin within 30 days of the official beginning of the selected academic session of the participant's home institution and be completed within one academic semester or two academic quarters. Exceptions allowed by agreement between the selected intern and the ARLIS/NA Internship Award Sub-Committee. In all cases the internship must be completed within twelve months of the recipient being notified of the award.

The intern and the internship supervisor will complete brief evaluations of the internship experience.

The Wolfgang M. Freitag Internship Award will provide a stipend of $2,500.00 to the intern. Half of the award will be granted prior to the internship, with the remainder granted upon completion of the internship and receipt of a letter to the Chair of the Internship Award Sub-Committee signed by the Internship supervisor and intern stating the 150 hours have been completed. The award recipient will also receive a one year membership in ARLIS/NA at the student level. Interns may have the option of receiving academic credit for the internship as part of graduate study, but will be responsible for making those arrangements.

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